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Intense Weekly Sessions

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Service Description

If you are a dedicated and a motivated synchro swimmer who is aiming to become the best athlete they can be and are willing to put the needed work, this offer is for you. As consistency and perseverance is an important ingredient to any sport related success, I am offering a two hour land or water training that will focus on any artistic swimming skill or the area that you would like to find out more about or need some more guidance. This offer is perfect for anyone who is just starting their journey with the sport and feel the need to progress or catch up on basic skills, progressions and techniques needed in artistic swimming. The advance swimmers can profit from skills, techniques, flexibility and strength program that will allow them to progress and arrive to their desired goals even faster. This is a perfect opportunity for the swimmers that feel that they do not improve as fast as they could and for the ones that need an extra push to show their true potential. The session will be tailored individually according to the customer's long term and short term goals. Additionally, a progress analysis will be provided after each month working together. You can schedule your two hours according to your liking. It can be two hours of water or land training at once; or one hour of land one time a week and other hour in the water another day. Contact me so we can tailor it to your availability. When filling out the form, please specify: - how long have you been doing synchro for - how old are you - where are you from - what are the areas you would like to work on - what are your sport specific goals

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation or rescheduling should be done up to 24h in advance.

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