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Artistic Swimming Training For Everyone

Training and choreography dedicated to anyone around the world who is passionate about artistic swimming, no matter if they are a complete beginner making the first steps in the sport or a professional athlete competing in various competitions.

agata artistic swimming experienced coach

Led by Coach Agata

A passionate artistic swimming coach with 23 years of international experience in the sport. Either as a Polish National Team athlete, Swiss National Team coach, judge, or technical controller. 

"My mission is to share the beauty and joy of artistic swimming with athletes, coaches, and fans worldwide, inspiring passion and excellence in this captivating sport."

artistic swimmers during the practice


Explore My Comprehensive Training Options, Ranging from Weekly Sessions and Synchro Choreographies to Engaging Seminars.


Senior Swimmer
from the USA

online training senior swimmer review
"I have been doing training practices with Agata for a while now and I can say that she is one of the best coaches I've worked with.
I've worked with many many coaches in person and over Zoom and none of them have pushed me as hard as Agata. I remember in one of our practices she noticed I was breathing really heavily and during that practice, she told me to sit down and focus on breathing. She told me "When the exercises get hard you can always slow down your breathing" and I've used that in other parts of my life too. We've worked on muscles I didn't even know you needed to be worked on in synchro.
Overall Agata is a great coach to work with especially if you feel like your skills have plateaued and need an extra push."
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My Trial Session is a great way for you to give my coaching style a try! 

I’ll evaluate your skills and outline the next steps to improve your performance.

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Production: Shirana Shahbazi
Swimmers: from Limmat-Nixen Zurich 

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